protests at parliament and People's Park

Our hospital provides vital services to Banbury's growing population.

Consultant-led Maternity, SCBU, 24/7 Children's Ward, A&E, orthopaedics and Critical Care Unit under threat.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Have you done everything on this list?

  • Donate to help raise money for campaign costs, including our share of the cost of the legal challenge we're mounting together with several local councils. (Please see our fundraising page for details)
  • Invite us to hold a meeting in your community. We're looking for opportunities to talk to people, directly, about the threats to the Horton. See below or contact Keith Strangwood on 07740 599736 or Roseanne Edwards at for more details.
  • Read about the threat that the government's Sustainability and Transformation Plans present to hospitals throughout the country, get angry, and do something about it. Instructions on our dedicated STP page here
  • Download this information leaflet front and back and stick it up in your window or at work
  • Make a banner or placard, put it up outside your house and bring it to a protest
  • Follow @saveourhorton on twitter
  • Subscribe to our email list by emailing
  • Join the committee or volunteer your services in another way

  • See below for more details on all the above actions


    Following the our successful STP education meetings last year, Keep the Horton General and Banbury Guardian health journalist Roseanne Edwards are looking for more opportunities to inform local people about the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and their impact on the NHS.

    Why not invite us to come and speak to your community or workplace? All we need is a hall, and help to get the word out.

    Keep the Horton General chairman, Keith Strangwood, said "For years our group has been at the forefront of the battle to maintain full services at the Horton. It is absolutely vital that the public understand the ramifications of STP and how they will destroy the NHS as we know it. We urge all communities to hold events like this as soon as possible. Time really is of the essence".

    To arrange a meeting contact:

    Keith Strangwood on 07740 599736
    Roseanne Edwards at

    community meeting, feb 17


    We need to raise money to help with legal, printing, publicity and other campaign costs. See our fundraising page for more information.


    Follow us and retweet our tweets; twitter handle @savethehorton


    Celebrities are great for attracting the media and new supporters to our cause

    USE THIS HASHTAG #handsoffthehorton

    Use it everywhere, on facebook, twitter, instagram, wherever you post. If we all use the same one there's more chance of us trending


    Keep an eye out for any meetings or events that are being arranged.

    Come and show your support. When we call on you, we'll need well-attended events to demonstrate that the people of Banbury and the surrounding area care about services at the Horton General Hospital.


    Sign up to receive email updates by emailing

    If you are a member of staff, contact us in confidence if you have concerns.

    We promise we will NOT reveal your identity but you must of course have regard to any contract you have signed.


    If you are a patient or service user, we want to hear about your experience.

    How would your experience have differed if you had been forced to use the JR instead of the Horton General Hospital? How would the cuts affect you and your family?


    Can you spare the time to help with the campaign?

    We're all ordinary people with jobs, families and health concerns, just like you. But we're stretched thin and we need more people to help us.

    Can you write a letter?
    Can you give legal advice?
    Can you analyse information?
    Can you write reports?
    Can you explain a position calmly and eloquently?
    Can you provide quality data about population growth, travel times or anything else that might help?
    Can you offer printing services?
    Can you supply banners or signs?
    Can you lend us a sound system?
    Can you translate this site into Polish, Hindi, or any other language widely spoken in Banbury to help us spread the message further?
    Have you got a story so moving it will cause the silent majority to rise up in protest?
    Are you someone fighting a similar fight in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire or further afield?
    Let us know what you are doing.

    Our previous campaign was a hugely successful mix of personalities and skills; public speakers, NHS insiders, web/graphic designers, signature collectors, minute takers, good organisers, report writers and number crunchers. Some of us are retired, some of us work, some of us have family and study committments, some of us have health concerns. We're stretched, just like you are, and we need your help! Whatever your skills - we need you.

    You can do something. I did. I wasn't part of the campaign when the story broke at the start of the previous campaign for maternity / childrens services, but it made me so angry I offered to create a website for the campaign - and here it is. So what can you offer?

    If you are one of the thousands of people the Horton has been there for, or if you ever expect to use it in the future - please help.

    Please email us at or call our Chairman Keith Strangwood on 07740 599736

    Thank you for caring about our hospital.

    Together, let's make sure we get the service we're supposed to have.