protests at parliament and People's Park

Our hospital provides vital services to Banbury's growing population.

Consultant-led Maternity, SCBU, 24/7 Children's Ward, A&E, orthopaedics and Critical Care Unit under threat.

We want to hear from you

Can you offer your skills or time to help the campaign?
Our team is made up of ordinary people like you. Each of us brings something different - whether it is a talent for public speaking, writing reports, public relations, data analysis, the time to read and respond to emails, website development, the tenacity needed to collect thousands signatures on petitions, contacts, or medical knowledge.

Do you depend on the Horton General Hospital to help with chronic conditions, or maybe they saved the life of someone you know? We want to hear your story

Can you help us out with advertising, stickers, printing, or banners?

Will you answer our calls for letter writing and demonstrating?

To contact us at the Keep the Horton General Campaign;

If you email us, we may send you updates by email, unless you ask us not to. We hope that's OK because it's the best way we have of keeping everyone up to date - and it doesn't cost us anything! We won't sell or give your details to anyone else.

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