protests at parliament and People's Park

Consultant-led Maternity, SCBU, 24/7 Children's Ward, A&E, orthopaedics and Critical Care Unit are under threat at Banbury's Horton General Hospital

The government's "Sustainability and Transformation Plans" aka "STP" are a massive part of the problem

Read on to learn about STP - and what it means for our National Health Service


STP - the 'sustainability and transformation' plans that will end the NHS as we know it.

What it means:

  • NHS to be split up into 44 "footprints"
  • Postcode lottery and long distances for people living near the edges of footprints
  • Hospitals throughout the country will lose their A&E, maternity, children's wards, Special Care Baby Units, adult acute medicine and trauma and orthopaedics as these services are centralised in hard-to-reach city centres
  • 'Acute hospital at home' plans will see patients discharged early - eg stroke patients will be discharged within a very few days, some with IV and nasogastric tubes still attached, to be nursed at home
  • Already desperately overstretched GPs will be forced to take on an ever-increasing workload
  • Paves the way for increasing privatisation of services

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to sit in traffic for an hour and a half to get to your nearest A&E or consultant-led maternity unit?
  • What about doing that same journey every day to visit your sick child or parent?
  • How would you cope if you had to nurse a seriously ill loved one at home?
  • Do you want to go down the US-style road of doing without medicine because you can't afford it, staying in a job you hate because you need the insurance, and bankruptcy because you can't afford to pay the medical bills?
  • Don't think it will affect you? Trust us - either your local hospital's about to be decimated, or your city-centre hospital is about to be over-run with patients who've lost theirs

What you can do:

  • Invite us to your community to talk about the threats to the Horton. All we need is a venue and your help publicising the event! Contact Keith Strangwood on 07740 599736 or Roseanne Edwards at for more details.
  • Write to your MP. It's time MPs of all parties stood up and said "Enough - this is not what we were elected to do"
  • Take part in our local consultation
  • Write to your Clinical Commissioning Group to voice your outrage
  • Write to Theresa May. Jeremy Hunt's a lost cause but if we can make May see how precarious her position is....
  • Find out about hospital campaigns in your area, and support their protests
  • Tell your friends and relatives about the "biggest threat they've never heard of" and point them here for further instructions
  • Call on your council to release the secret plans, as Birmingham and others have already done

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Want to know more?

Join one of these groups:

Stop the Substainability and Transformation Plans
Defend Our NHS
Keep Our NHS Public

But above all, DON'T do nothing. These NHS-destroying plans are real, they're going to be imposed really soon, and we need to act NOW if we've any chance of stopping them.